I spent 25p on a charity shop buy and it turned out to be worth hundreds – I had no idea until I googled it | The Sun

A KEEN charity shop shopper has shared how she found the ultimate bargain hidden on the shelves of a local store. 

Penny Hindle, who loves nothing more than a second hand bargain, regularly shares videos of her purchases via her social media account @pennyhindle. 

But it was one of her most recent finds that had everyone talking and wishing they had found it themselves. 

That’s because Penny, who has amassed 8000 plus followers on her TikTok account, only handed over 25p for the item – but soon discovered it was actually worth so much more. 

In the video footage of her money-saving shopping trip, Penny, who found the item in Darlington, explained: “Something caught my eye in the back of this huge charity shop in a pile of things…”

Penny then zoomed in on a vintage plate, which featured a blue and white checked design, with cherries in the white squares. 

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After the shopper described it as a “vintage checkerboard cherry plate”, she shared how she couldn’t believe her luck when she found out the price. 

Penny continued: “How cute!! I paid 25p for it, but wait…”

When she noticed that it said on the back of the plate that it had been “made in Paris in 1993”, she decided to “look up the name.”

She quickly took to Google to find out more about the brand – called Genevieve Lethu – and couldn’t believe her eyes. 

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It turned out that the plate –  which was described as a “rare find” – could be bought for a whopping £121.22. 

That’s a huge saving of over £120, and fellow charity shop lovers said she’d outdone herself.

One wrote: “Wow! Love!”

A second said: “Omgggg what a great find.”

A third said that they were “obsessed” with her purchase, as others described it as “cute” and “gorgeous.” 

However, despite the fact she could make a packet from selling it on a site like Etsy, Penny says she has no intention of parting with her new pride and joy.

She wrote in the caption: “I actually cannot cope with this plate being 25 English pence.

“25p!!! I’m never, ever getting rid of it.”

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People are only just realising what it means when someone ‘pays cash’

And when someone suggested that the price of the plate wasn’t the be all and end all, Penny replied: “Yeah, it just makes it more exciting to find.

“As I said in the caption, I’m keeping it forever.”

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