I went to Poundland for cheap snacks  – I got more than I bargained for & a steal for packed lunch that scanned for 50p | The Sun

A MONEY-SAVING mum decided to head to Poundland and see what all the fuss was about.

But when she got to the discount store, it ended up exceeding her expectations and she bagged so many bargain snacks and items for packed lunches. 

TikTok user Mad About Money Official, aka @madaboutmoneyofficial, told her followers that she was looking forward to checking out Poundland’s snack selection alongside her young children.

The social media account, which shares “money saving tips, discounts, money news and budgeting”, uploaded a video of her trip.

And she wrote alongside it: “I needed to fill the snack cupboard, this should last us a while! 

“I love a poundland haul! And the kids love it too!”

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She then showed her followers what she and her family had filled their shopping basket with.

Mad About Money Official explained: “I’ve come to Poundland with the kids to get me snacks, help me God!”

The parent then went through her top buys, starting out with a pack of Nestle’s Caramac – the popular caramel flavoured candy bar. 

She continued: “First up, this is for me!”

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Then the kids started spotting things they wanted to add to their snack cupboard.

These included some Smarties chocolate yoghurts, and a multi-pack of smaller bags of Cadbury’s Animal biscuits for £1.

They also asked to get some Iced Gems, which, again, were just £1.

Plus, some Lotus Biscoff & Go biscuits, which she swiped from the shelves, stocking up on several packets.

The mum then said it was time to start thinking about lunch time meals, and was over the moon to bag some McDonald's dupes, in the form of the popular Rustlers burgers.

She went on to say that it would come in handy for her as well as the children, as she said: “A burger in replacement of McDonald’s.

“I’m going to the pub at the weekend so I can have a burger for me in replacement of hangover food.”

And the social media user also had a result when she spotted some Bernard Matthews’ Turkey Breast in the meat section to be used for packed lunches – and it was 50% off.

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Holding it up to the camera, she explained: “Getting some of this turkey breast for my lunch. 

“This is reduced to 50p and it’s so good for sandwiches.” 

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