I work at Starbucks – not only do we get FREE drinks all the time, there are tonnes of other perks as well | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the masses of perks she gets while working at Starbucks.

Amy explained that she "loves her job", and shared some of the bonuses to the barista role.

She shared a video of her "day in the life of working at Starbucks", as she showed how they enjoy free pizza at work.

Showing herself on the phone ordering pizza, she wrote: "Free Dominos, whenever we want, whatever we want".

"Girl I don’t know about this? Free dominos?? Tell me more," someone commented on the video.

To which Amy replied: "We work next to a dominos and we’ve become friends with the staff and get free pizza and sides whenever".

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"Oohhh ok nice!! We get crumble cookies and cupcakes free too," another wrote.

"Do you get free drinks or food when your working?" another person asked.

With Amy responding: "Free drinks and 50% off food on shift and 30% off both when off shift".

But not everything's so positive in the role.

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She also suffers regular "breakdowns", as well as having to inhale matcha when the powder inevitably gets dropped.

"I HATE MATCHA," one commented.

As Amy wrote: "Inhaling matcha isn’t the one".

"The matcha power stinks," another added.

"Hate matcha," a third raged.

And Amy also has to get to work gritting the roads in the winter, as well as making coffees for customers.

Spillages are also common, as well as overtime, but "you're on salary but don't earn more".

People often take to social media to share their Starbucks hack, with a woman revealing how she managed to get unlimited coffee for just the price of one drink.

"I've got some top tips which mean you never need to pay full price for a Starbucks again," she said in a video on TikTok.

"Did you know you can get unlimited refills on your filter coffee in Starbucks?



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"Go in there and pay £1.55 for a filter coffee – you can then continue to keep filling up your cup as long as you want."

Caroline also said that you can get 25p off your drink if you bring a reusable cup.

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