If you can spot the bunny hiding in the desert wildlife in less than 10 seconds, you could have a high IQ | The Sun

YOU'RE going to be bright-eyed and fluffy-tailed if you complete this bunny quest.

A cute rabbit is hiding in the desert wildlife and is exceptionally difficult to spot.

Your task is made even harder with the clock ticking.

Your allotted time of just ten seconds is very short and will go in a flash.

Therefore there will no hanging around munching carrots in this challenge.

However, success in this game means you have a high IQ.

IQ is short for intelligence quotient and is a measure of a person’s reasoning ability.

So are you going to be a top bunny or a middling one?

According to PsycheCentral most people have an average IQ between 85 and 115.

"Overall, about 98% of people have a score below 130. Only 2% of the population score above that and are considered above average," they said.

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Vascular Homicide (@vascularhomicide) invited gamers to take part: “Spot the bunny.”

But this rabbit was very well camouflaged in this video.

In fact, he was the master of disguise, rendering him almost impossible to see.

The background was desert-like, dry, dusty, with muted and muddy colors.

This bunny's grey coat was a huge asset in this environment.

It is protecting him from predators and from gamers who are tearing their hair out as they search.

Vascular Homicide did make an attempt at a clue, however: “It was the size of a gerbil.”

If your time was up and the bunny still eluded you, we have circled its location in the picture below.

Should you not be exhausted by these games and want to try some more, we have plenty for you to choose from.

How about another desert-themed one, this time searching for another creature.

In this task, you have 15 seconds to find the cat hiding among the green cacti.

The home experts at Central Tucson Companies shared the challenge with their Instagram followers.

The one-stop shop for everything home rentals, parking, and financial services related in Tucson, Arizona hoped to stump their followers.

This furtive feline is sure hard to spot in this prickly landscape.

Arizona is famous for its spectacular cacti, but there is little time to admire the vegetation.

You have a job to complete and the clock is ticking.

But, if your patience has expired, we can put you out of your misery.

We have circled the crafty cat's location in the picture below.

Better luck next time.

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