I’m 27 with three kids – I had my first child at 16 on purpose and people are always stunned at why I chose to do it | The Sun

A 27-YEAR-OLD mother has revealed that she decided to have her children young for a specific reason.

Amiyra Paquette, a mum-of-three explained that she had her first child at just 16-years-old, her second at 23-years-old and her third and final baby at the age of 27.

Amiyra regularly shares an insight into her life as a mum-of-three on TikTok, where she has amassed an impressive 32.8k followers.

In a recent clip, she noted that people are always left in shock when they find out why she chose to have her children young.  

She said: “Having our kids at a young age so we can travel and relax as a couple in our 40s.

“If you know, you know!! 

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“Had our first at 16, 2nd at 23 and last at 27. 

“We’ll be able to start focusing on us between 39-43 years old 🥂🍹😎 

“For now it’s all about the kiddos!”

In the clip, we see Amiyra holding her youngest child in a baby carrier, as she dances around her kitchen to Beyonce’s hit song Cuff It.

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Amiyra’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 616k views.

It has 107.4k likes, 947 comments and 727 shares.

However, many parents disagreed with Amiyra and explained that they would rather have children later in life. 

One person said: “Don’t agree, but I love that you’re doing what works for you 🥰” 

Another added: “Rather work on myself before having kids so i can be the best version of myself for my kids!🥰”

A third commented: “Nah I want to enjoy my youth😂” 

Someone else noted: “Age 40, that’s when all the stress begins lol as your kids will be starting university & funding for uni, best believe you’ll relax at age 60."

Amiyra replied “Relax meaning not having to change diapers, have sleepless nights and all. I’d much rather deal with my grown kids at 40,then at 60 when I'm on pension.” 

Whilst another user posted: “Why do people think they don’t have to care for their kids anymore once they turn 18? My sister is 23 and parents do so much for her."

The young mum responded “Didn’t say our parenting is done at 18. But my grown adult child will be able to watch themselves for a week or two if we decide to go explore Italy.” 

As well as this, one user claimed: “16 is extremely young 😭” to which Amiyra explained “It is, we made it through though. Found out at 4 months preggo, had no choice to keep her and she’s amazing and beautiful 😍” 

In another clip, Amiyra revealed that she doesn’t regret having all three of her children at a young age.

She explained: “No regrets, why? Because i love my kids 😍 

“Wouldn’t change one thing about my life because if I did, I wouldn't be blessed with being their mommy. 

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“P.S – I do not promote or recommend teen pregnancy, I was lucky with my situation in meeting my high school sweetheart (going on 13 years) as the father of my kids, both family’s support, a job education and job etc.

“This is not the case for everyone. We owned up to our mistake and made a beautiful life out of it 🤎”

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