I’m 30 and my mom’s 49 – but when people see us dancing, they mistake us for teenagers | The Sun

A MOM-AND-DAUGHTER duo caught their audience's attention with a spirited dance session.

But it wasn't their moves that charmed viewers – it was how young both women looked.

At 30, young mom Alexann Plante (@alexann_plante) is still wise to the world of TikTok trends.

She invited her 49-year-old mom to participate in a viral dance, with both their birth years visible on the screen.

With the year 1992 written in a caption above her, Plante started the camera and kicked off the choreography.

Stepping back, she revealed her mom, with the year 1972 next to her title.

The two took their places and when the music sped up, they hit every beat flawlessly.

In the background, Plante's own son dashed past – with his birth year, 2020, floating just above his head.

Despite the clear labels, viewers were reluctant to believe the women were the ages they claimed to be.

"You both look young," one viewer insisted. "I thought your mother was 37 and you were a teenager."

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Several viewers agreed, saying Plante's mom looked "way too young" to have an adult daughter.

Most agreed the woman looked closer to "19 or 20."

Some even questioned whether Plante's toddler was really her son.

"There's no way you're 30," one stubborn commenter wrote.

Across the board, commenters were impressed by both women's dance moves.

"Mom understood the assignment!" a thrilled fan said.

Another commenter agreed, calling the pair "gorgeous girls."

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