I'm 52 and fit after losing 150 lbs – 'menopause rage' can make workouts more bearable, I also keep exercise convenient | The Sun

AN exercise enthusiast has revealed how rage fuels her workouts after achieving an impressive transformation in midlife.

Diana Mirgon (@dmirgonfit21) has shed over 150 pounds with workouts that can be done anywhere without using any equipment.

The 52-year-old has garnered over 472,000 followers on TikTok, where she posts her experience of menopause and being an empty nester.

She took to the social media platform to vent about the things that frustrate her but add power to her workouts.

Titling the clip "menopause rage workout," she wrote: “Have you ever worked out and it’s a rage workout?

“Like you got so irritated and angry about something that you just were complaining in your head the whole time.

“But it kind of made your workout somewhat bearable.

“Here’s what I was ticked off about today that made my workout bearable. 

“Number one, if I’m going to do this whole perimenopause, menopause thing and I’m feeling like every symptom known to man.

“Why does my period have to just show up unannounced? It’s rude.

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“Number two, why do we even have to have menopause? 

“Literally I had three children and it was like pushing a Buick through a garden hose three times.

“And even if you didn’t have kids, the estimated amount of periods a woman has is like 450 give or take depending on when they start their period.

“Which is miserable and all the extra money we have to spend on you know equipment.

“Number three, I’m tired of feeling like crap.

“And number four, if bears are not like fun and pets why are they pet shaped?

“That’s all, that’s what got me through my workout today.”

She added in the caption: “Sometimes a good ‘complain in your head sesh’ is all it takes… to get through a workout! [laughing].”

Viewers took to the comment section admitting that they could relate to everything that was listed in the video.

Diana’s post came after she shared an inspiring post revealing the body weight exercises that she used to overhaul her physique in her 50s.

“It wasn’t about how I ‘looked’…I had high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, and blood pressure issues before,” she said.

She showed how movements such as planks and crunches helped to tone her body while also improving her health.

The text over the video read: “I walked first. I added bodyweight exercises like these and kept adding them over time.

“Remember how you eat is the key to weight loss.

“I calculated and stayed in my calorie deficit, increased protein, and increased reps, sets, time, intensity resistance, or weight over time.

“I have extra skin and cellulite.

“Genetics, the time it took for me to lose… every human responds to weight loss differently. 

“Calorie deficit and working out consistently is key.”

She captioned the post: “Bodyweight workouts are convenient and effective… which helped me stay consistent.

“Weight loss was a result of a calorie deficit and exercise consistently. 

“It took years to lose and change the shape of my body. Yes, I have extra skin – keep in mind we all respond to how we lose weight.

“No surgery 288 pounds to now!

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“This post is to show that you don’t necessarily have to work out in a gym to see results!

"Calorie deficit + adequate protein + exercise + progressive overload consistently!”

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