I'm 62 and my hubby is 24… mean trolls call me a fossil and think I'm his haggard granny but he thinks I'm dead sexy | The Sun

A MARRIED couple with a 38-year age gap has bravely opened up about their relationship, appearing on Stacey Dooley's show.

Society is used to younger women dating older men – but one US couple who is set out to break the norms is 62-year-old Cheryl and her husband, 24-year-old Quran.

The unusual duo has become somewhat of an overnight sensation on TikTok, where Cheryl's profile,@oliver6060, boasts a whopping 4million followers and an impressive 138million likes.

They often joke about their relationship on social media – but now the husband and wife have shared their story on Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over USA.

Quran and Cheryl initially became friends just two years ago through their love for dancing – something they both enjoyed.

One day, a clip they had posted online went viral and the pals decided to move in together six months later – and the rest is history.

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The 24-year-old, who is younger than all of his wife's seven children, said he realised he had romantic feelings for her after a dream.

Although Cheryl is not Quran's first girlfriend, the mum-of-seven was the person he chose to have his first intimate experience with.

Just a few months later, the couple made the major step to get married – and the internet blew up.

It wasn't just the TikTok community who struggled to wrap their heads around this age gap relationship – Quran's mum found it a challenge too.

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The mum, who is 16 years younger than her now daughter-in-law, said: ''I was a little upset. The way I found out was… whenever they went and got married.''

But despite the weird family dynamics and relatives wondering 'why', Cheryl and Quran continue to embrace the age gap between them – and they'll even promote it online.

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They create several videos, for which they can get money depending on views and engagement – on average, they rake in almost £3k from TikTok alone.

It's not just funny clips of them dancing – they've now also ventured into the world of adult content, sharing some of their most intimate moments.

But with this came hate and trolling – which was made even worse when the married couple announced they were trying for a baby via a surrogate.

The surrogate's a 19-year-old fan who's excited to help the duo grow into a small family.

''I just kind of thought to myself 'Why would I not be a good fit?','' the woman said.

''So I reached out and then we met up, and it sounded right for both of us.

''I'm so excited.''

The plans for starting a new chapter attracted even more attention to their social media – and a lot of it was negative.

At some point, Cheryl revealed, her account got banned by TikTok after a number of users had reported it for being inappropriate and offensive.

Hitting back at the trolls, who often call her his ''granny'' and ''a fossil'', the 62-year-old said: ''We try to spread positivity – and this is what we get?

''They're massively reporting my account for no reason.

''If they take my account then that's all my money gone, all that hard work for no reason.''

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But Cheryl insisted she won't be stopping any time soon: ''You know, I'm not giving up – I'm not.

''I'm not going to live forever – at least give us a chance.''

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