I’m a 170 lbs gym girl – I gained weight working out but it all went to my glutes, men fall in love when they see me | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has revealed that she actually gained weight after adopting a gym routine, but all is not lost.

She said that the extra pounds went to all the right places — her glutes.

The gym girl was proud to share that her 15-pound weight gain did not end up in her midsection.

Deborah (@unpublishedbeauty) showed herself in an ombre orange matching workout set.

"POV: you gained weight and went from 155 to 170 pounds and still maintained your waist," she wrote over the video.

Deborah struck several poses for the camera, clearly looking proud of her hard-earned results.

The fitness junkie credited her weight training routine for shaping her natural curves.

"When the weight only goes to your [glutes]," she added in the caption.

The video came as part of a trend showing strong women building muscle in the gym.

The ladies are incorporating weight training after dispelling myths of muscle growth looking masculine on women.

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Many gym-goers are proudly displaying the natural curves that they build with a strict workout regimen.

Certain exercises can target specific muscles and with a dedication to diet and exercise, bodybuilding can recomposition the body.

Deborah's fitness journey inspired viewers who took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

"Couple years back, I was 88 kg and my waist size was 38," one wrote. "Now I'm hitting the gym, I'm 101 kg and my waist size is 34. Now to get rid of my belly."

"Sis you are so gorgeous," another added.

"I love you," a third fan commented.

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