I’m a female bartender- I wear three things every shift to guarantee I’ll make my car payment in a day | The Sun

A FEMALE bartender has divulged her three secrets to maximize her tips.

She shared with viewers the three things she wears every shift to make sure that she makes her car payment and more while at work.

Yesi (@minibada**s) is a self-described spider queen and bartender who coincidentally lives a sober life.

The content creator typically shows off some behind-the-scenes moments working at her local Top Golf and her extensive tattoo collection.

She revealed to her viewers her hack for making more money in a TikTok video.

In the video, Yesi was behind the bar with a vast selection of alcoholic bottles behind her.

She wore a small uniform T-shirt that slightly revealed her toned stomach and black tight-fitting pants.

The brunette beauty wore a happy smile on her face and had her hair in pigtails with white ribbons, but it was for a specific reason.

Yesi shared in the video that by "putting on pigtails, a small shirt, and a smile" at her job, she appeals to three things men love.

She mentioned in the video that this is how she ensures "I'll make my car payment in a day working as a female bartender."

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"The most I've ever been tipped is 6k," she added in the video's caption.

People were genuinely interested in how she was about to make $6,000 from her job and made it known in the comments.

"Wait 6k for a whole day or on one ticket? Either way d*****n get that money ma," a viewer complimented.

"I miss bartending and the tips," a TikTok user shared.

"Y’all beat my record of 3k," another chimed in.

"It's the little things," a fan praised.

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