I’m a 28F & tried Kim Kardashian’s Skims bralettes – they weren’t supportive & I was worried about falling out of them | The Sun

BRAS are nothing more than pasties if all they do is cover a sliver of your chest.

TikTok user Jen Warnes tried on a couple of Skims bralettes, and her boobs felt like they would fall out due to a lack of support.

As a 28F, Jen expects her bras to have as much support as they do coverage.

She posted a video trying on a couple of Skims bralettes, and they weren't what she was hoping for.

"Trying on Skims as someone, who has a small frame, but a large chest," Jen begins.

"Alright, this one is not bad."


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Jen tries on the $32 Fits Everybody One Shoulder Bralette in a medium.

The band is "tight enough," but it could be tighter.

"I feel like it's just covering my chest. It's not really doing anything to it. It's not lifting it. It's not pulling me in. It's just fabric that's covering it," she says.

Despite the bralette mainly being for coverage, Jen still really likes it.

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The strap is thin and flat enough that it doesn't cut into your shoulder.

Jen says: "I feel like to wear this out, I might need to put a bit of sticky tape here so I don't fall out of it."

She would need to place tape on the side that doesn't have the strap.

Changing into the same style bralette, but in a small, Jen already feels way better.

"This fits way better. I thought the small wasn't going to cover enough, but it actually does," she admits.

Yet, she still thinks a little bit of tape on one side is necessary.

The $32 Sculpting Scoop Neck Bralette is a no for her.

"I'm too squished in, and I feel like I can't breathe. It's digging into my shoulders, and I feel like it's just not comfortable. This is not enough coverage for me to feel secure," Jen says.

One viewer suggested she size up and try the $32 Fits Everybody Scoop Neck Bra.

"I am obsessed with the Everyday scoop but I have to size up or I fall out. The next size up feels just as tight on the under," they wrote.

However, Jen replied: "Ooo I tried that one but the band wasn’t tight enough for me."

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