I'm a 34D mom and did a Skims bra haul – the strapless offers incredible support, my husband's going to die when he sees | The Sun

A SUPPORT-SEEKING mom has found the best bras for her bust.

Her Skims haul proved to be a perky success.

"If you had told me when I was newly postpartum that one day – even if it took a year – I would feel brave enough to try on bras for the internet, I definitely would not have believed you," said Bri (@briknighttt).

Now, it seemed that the confident mama couldn't wait to share the bra buys she hoped would help others.

After all, she knew that the bra-supporting struggle was real.

The 34D wearer explained how she watched tons of TikTok videos about Skims purchases herself once she had her baby.

"If you're a mom, you know that your boobs just change so much, from pregnancy through when your milk comes in, through postpartum. And now my baby's a year old."

With so many body changes over the last 18 months, she said she no longer had one bra that fit her anymore.

After showing off her former bra under a tank top, where everything fell flat – literally – she was ready to try on her more successful Skims buys.

The popular $44 naked scoop bra seemed to do the supportive trick.

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"I love it, it's so comfortable," she said.

Still, Bri pointed out one flaw she found with the piece – although it was tightened as much as possible, she felt that the straps could have been higher.

She wasn't sure if she needed a smaller size but was ready to move on to the next bra.

The $48 wireless form strapless bra seemed to be the bra she had been dreaming of: "I needed a bra that was going to make me feel like this."

The now uplifted mom explained how she originally bought the bra to wear with her favorite strapless Amazon top.

This wireless find which Bri described as having "incredible support" for not having a wire, even came with straps.

She also predicted what her partner was going to say when he saw her in the Skims bra: "My husband is going to die."

The third bra item on the list was the $48 naked plunge longline.

While it was the same material and size medium as the first bra she had tried on, she was much happier with the fit.

"It feels so good. I love how much coverage it has and just how smoothing it is."

She decided she was even going to swap out the first one for a second one of this more form-fitting design.

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Lastly was the $52 wireless form push-up plunge.

But Bri had a warning from her fellow moms – while she was pleased with the fit and how nice it made her girls look, she thought it was the least comfortable of the bunch.

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