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FOR lots of people, eyelash extensions are a totally glam way of saving time every morning, cancelling out the need to layer on the mascara. 

But it’s always important that you make sure to choose your technician carefully, as one unfortunate customer found out the hard way. 

A beautician who describes herself as the “CEO of fixing bad lashes” recently shared a clip with her 710k followers showing the botch job that she was tasked with repairing. 

In a clip that racked up a whopping 13 million views on her business account @ipsbeauty, the tech shared a video of a set of falsies that made her “literally want to give up and never be a lash tech again”. 

The video featured her applying removal jel to a set of astonishing clumped lash extensions stuck on with a thick glue that was clearly in no way suitable for the sensitive area. 

“This client walked in through the door of the salon saying that she needed an emergency removal,” the beauty saviour explained, “because she had just got her eyelash extensions done in a hair salon.” 

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“At first I was like ‘they probably can’t be that bad’,” she described, “and then she laid down, and then she closed her eyes, and they were REALLY that bad.” 

The tech explained that the lashes that had been stuck on weren’t even extensions but much thicker, clumpier cluster ones, and that they’d been applied in part using hair bonding glue.

“You can imagine what sort of pain that could cause the client,” she continued, because whereas eyelash glue has to be medical grade to ensure it’s safe on your face, hair-based products don’t have the same requirements. 

“Honestly I felt so sorry for her at this point,” the beauty whizz confessed while filming the removal fluid soaking into the lashes, “because I had no idea if I would be able to save her natural lashes or not because it was so bad.”

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In a second part, the tech filmed the process of finally trying to pull of the “horrendous, horrendous, vile hair salon lashes”. 

She explained that she’d been forced to leave the remover sit on for nearly an hour, she was able to slowly begin prizing the clumpy clusters off. 

“It was not easy work at all,” she confirmed, as she tried to gently peel the extensions off with lashes without damaging the underneath.

She then showed off the finished result, confirming that the pain-staking process had indeed allowed the client to keep most of her natural lashes. 

Viewers took the comments to share their admiration for the stellar job the tech had done salvaging the botch job. 

“You didn’t do a ‘pretty good job’,” one wrote. “You did an AMAZING job!! Her natural lashes still look full I thought she was gonna be bald.” 

“This poor woman,” another wrote. “I'm so glad you were able to help her and do such a good job.” 

If the same ever happens to you, the best bet is to try soaking your face with micellar water or to visit a specialised removal salon like this if things are really dire. 

And remember to always visit a qualified professional to have extensions fitted and to check our other customers’ reviews beforehand.

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The tech revealed she'd been unsure if she'd be able to salvage any of the natural lashesCredit: @ipsbeauty/tiktok
But after hours of work, viewers were astounded by the fantastic final resultCredit: @ipsbeauty/tiktok

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