I’m a beauty queen & catfish people with my chin sliming hack – people say I turn into a completely different person | The Sun

A HAIR and MAKEUP whizz has revealed a clever trick to slim down her chin.

The woman shared the nifty hack on TikTok and people were amazed by the transformation.

The woman, who goes by Wild Flower Jasmine on TikTok shared the video with her 146k followers.

Jasmine responded with a tutorial on how to make your chin look slimmer after a viewer asked how to do it.

They wrote: "Now I just need a chin trick too."

And Jasmine happily obliged by showing a step-by-step video.


I’m a catfish & people are always stunned when they see me without make-up

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She first applied a dark liquid contour colour to the bottom of her chin.

The beauty whizz then used a damp makeup sponge and blended it below her chin and slightly on it.

The makeup trick created the illusion of a sharper, slimmer jaw.

The video has since been viewed over seven million times and people were stunned at the difference it made.

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Many claimed it made Jasmine look like a completely different person.

One person wrote: "damnnnnnnnn you changed character."

Another user added: "That’s wild bru. Wild."

A third commented: "Wow this is awesome!!! Thank you."

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "Slay girl."

However, Jasmine noted it would only work for photos.

She said: "This is for on-camera only because I leave it really dark to look like a shadow."

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