Parents get utterly rinsed for naming their tot after a pesky bug everyone hates | The Sun

MANY parents stress over choosing a unique name for their newborn, but they usually land on something that's not too out there in the end.

That can't be said for one couple who decided to name their tot after an insect people can't stand.

A user on Reddit spotted a sign at a paediatrician's office announcing the name of the baby.

It read: "Welcome to the world Locust! We're so happy you're here."

The user who took the pictures confessed they "had to do a double take" when they first saw it because it's that "utterly unbelievable."

Others were equally as stunned by the interesting name choice, as one person replied to the post in disbelief: "Please tell me this is Lucas but someone misheard them?"


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But the Reddit user wasn't so sure as she replied: "I wish!"

Surprisingly, it turned out someone else thought the name sounded familiar.

They wrote: "Hold up… I know of someone who just named their baby Locust.

"Hopefully it’s the same baby and their aren’t two with that horrid name."

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And a second said sarcastically: "Oh my gosh, plague names! The hottest new trend!"

"OMG nickname Pest," joked another.

Someone else said: "She’s going to descend on the world like a swarm"

Meanwhile, some Reddit users thought there were better insect-themed names the parents could've used.

"Cicada is wayyyy prettier," one suggested.

"I'm naming my daughter Beetle," a second joked.

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