I'm a broody mum-of-9 who shuns contraception – my 7-point money-saving method means I'm debt-free & not on benefits | The Sun

A MUM-OF-NINE boys under 12 told how she lives debt-free thanks to a seven-step method to save cash – and says she will have MORE kids.  

Yalancia Rosario, 30, from Dallas, Texas, USA, is mum to Jamel, 12, Michael Jr, nine, Angelo, eight, Armani, six, Prince, five, Sincere, three, Armani, two, Gimani, one, and Kairo, two months. 

Sadly another son, Gimini, died in her first trimester. 

Now Yalancia, married to Michael, 36, has revealed in an exclusive interview with Fabulous how she is debt-free.

It’s thanks to the ‘Dave Ramsey Method’ of money-saving. 

“We have two incomes and we are currently debt free by using the Dave Ramsey method and we have a great budget set in place,” she said.

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The method can be broken down into seven steps:

  • One: start an emergency fund
  • Two: focus on debts
  • Three: complete your emergency fund
  • Four: save for retirement
  • Five: save for college funds
  • Six: pay off your mortgage
  • Seven: Build wealth

She told how it enabled her to continue having babies – and now they wanted another tot, not bothering with contraception.

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“We don’t claim any benefits either,” she explained, adding that she got up at 5.30am to make sure the family were all ready for the day.  

Yalencia also avoided the stress of buying endless uniforms and busy mornings – by homeschooling her kids.

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Yalancia's seven-step plan enabled her to continue having babiesCredit: that_rosario_life/Instagram
Yalancia and her husband Michael, 36, are completely debt freeCredit: Love Don't Judge Show

And she said it’s stress-free, despite there being so many children.

“They love school,” she revealed in an exclusive interview. “I always try to make it enjoyable.

“I don’t bribe or force learning or use no homework as a reward.

“We do it together and I turn learning into a game sometimes.”

But she admitted she was judged for her choices including homeschooling.  “But I feel like I’d be judged either way,” she said. 

“There’s no escaping judgement in today’s world.”

The mega mum previously told Fabulous that she was thrilled to welcome another child and said that the couple will continue to have more children as her husband is desperate for a girl. 

"I'm feeling pretty good, we are going to have more and while dad is hoping for a girl I feel like I'm just destined to be a boymom," she said.

"There’s only one way I could try for a girl but I’m not sure if it’s worth all the hassle so there might be more boys". 

The mum, who works from home running a business and is married to the boys’ dad Michael, 36, said: “I’ve always wanted a big family because I grew up as the oldest of seven and wanted to have my own big family to create memories with.

“A few of my boys were conceived while on contraceptives but we happily welcomed them and then a few were planned.

“I don't use contraceptives anymore. We live within our means and have a great budgeting system setup.

“I love having a big family.

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“I’m the oldest of seven and dad comes from a family of five.

“I love watching the next generation grow and being able to raise awesome smart young men.”

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