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THE DREADED arrival of half-term might be bad news for parents – but for kids who struggle with poor academic performance, the week-long break offers a chance to forget about school and failing.

We often assume that how well a child does at school is based on winning – or losing – the genetic lottery – which can be an important factor.

But by now we also know that there are other elements to raising the next generation and parenting is one of them.

To find out more about just how much home life and parenting habits can affect a kid's results at school and university, Fabulous spoke to Kirsty Ketley, an expert in the field and a mum-of-two.

''Certainly home life can have an impact on how well children do. If parents show too much or too little interest in kids' schooling.

''So too much pressure can have a negative effect, but equally, when parents don't support their child and don't have any involvement, there can be consequences.''

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As homework starts to pile up and exams creep around the corner, some parents will set a strict studying schedule to ensure their offspring receives top marks.

But rather than purely focusing on wake up – school – study – home – homework, set some time aside for other activities, such as watching a bit of TV or playing with their peers.

''That way they get homework done but also have time to watch tv, play on the xbox or socialise with friends.

''Putting fair boundaries and having fair consequences in place will help,'' Kirsty reassured.

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But what should you do if you notice the results dropping lower and lower?

Rather than just hoping it's a phase they'll get out of, Kirsty believes parents should act straight away.

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''I think a discussion with school would be the first thing to do to help identify why they are performing badly.

''If they are doing homework, then there could be something else going on within school that needs looking into. If it is a case of them not completing homework, then of course, parents need to work together with their child and the school to make it happen.

''Most schools have an option of staying behind at school for an hour to attend 'homework club', which can be a huge help and schools, especially senior schools will have things in place to help deter kids from not doing their homework.''

Most importantly, the guru reminded, don't be afraid to seek help.

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''If there is something you cannot help with, tell them that you can find out together, Google, head to the library, ask other family members.''

''There is no shame in not knowing, teachers will always be happy to help both children and parents too.''

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