I'm a mum & cleaning whizz – how to get rid of the smell of sick and the secret weapon to pick up in the pet aisle | The Sun

WHEN it comes to lingering smells, vomit has got to be up there with the worst of them.

And it can be an absolute nightmare to get rid of it completely.

But mum and cleaning whizz Tara Richardson is a pro at removing the odour – due to her two-year-old son having issues with food.

"If he doesn’t like a certain texture or smell, the taste of the food or even if he touches a toy or something that feels a bit different, he will gag and then be sick," Tara, who shares her tips on her The_Cleaning_Mumlife Instagram page, explained.

Because of this Tara has tried absolutely "everything" over the years to clean up the sick and remove the smell.

But her secret weapon is actually intended for pets, which she acknowledged might sound crazy.

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"The Coco And Lola antibacterial bed refresher is amazing, or the Neutradol Sniff & Purr Carpet Odour Destroyer," she explained.

"Both work a treat and the smell is long lasting."

To start with, Tara cleans the carpet or rug by putting bicarbonate of soda straight onto a damp sponge or cloth, and then applies it to the affected area.

She then uses a bowl of hot water and Fairy washing up liquid to clean it up.

"Once it’s clean, I will either use the Coco And Lola spray or sprinkle on the Neutradol pet deodoriser and then hoover it up," Tara said.

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"It’s so good because not only does it gets rid of that sick smell but it’s also pet friendly if you have pets as well."

If you have sick on the sofa that you want to get rid of,Tara suggests using hot water and Fairy washing up liquid, patting dry and then spraying with the Coco And Lola antibacterial bed Refresher.

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