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A CLEANING lady revealed the best Dollar Tree products she uses for her clients – and the ones she would rather buy at Walmart or Target.

TikToker Allison, who goes by @allisonscleanin on the app, gives cleaning tips to her 1.2million followers.

In a recent video, she made a trip to Dollar Tree, picking up her "favorite"multipurpose scrub brush first.

It can be found in the automotive or cleaning section, according to Allison, who managed to find a viral TikTok scrub brush instead which works "just as great".

Next, she picked up a 12 pack of shoe covers.

"They are cost effective and they work great, " she said.

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She went on to "hit the jackpot" when she went to the cleaning section, where she found her favorite scrubbing brush.

Allison picked up Brillo and Scrub Buddy wool scrubber for pots and pans, warning: "You have to be really selective and careful what you use these steel wool pads on."

Next, she picked up a classic cleaning bucket and broom, hailing the broom a must for "scrubbing showers" rather than floors.

Cobweb dusters were next on the list, which Allison uses to clean popcorn ceilings.

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And finally, it was time for laundry products.

Allison loves the Fabuloso detergent sold at Dollar Tree, but saves it for Target and Walmart, because she said that is most cost effective.

For pine and coolness scents, she will pick them up at Dollar Tree, but if the scent is Purple Lavender, it is better made for Target or Walmart.

Other cleaners, like a vintage one, seemed to be great options too.

"Back to LA is totally awesome," she said.

Then, she picked up Comet bleach, which she likes better than Ajax, as Ajax has crystals that can stain, she said.

Also on the list was knockoff Pine Sol, which is thin, but works well, according to the expert.

She grabbed tooth brushes for scrubbing, bleach, ammonia and cleaning vinegar – not to be ingested.

Ammonia is not for everyone, she said, but works great for cleaning jewelry.

For jewelry, she dilutes it with "water and maybe " little dish soapbut most the time just water."

"I love it for gold and especially diamonds and silver," Allison said in her comments.

Fans were impressed about the finds in the comments.

"I buy the majority of my cleaning products there. Almost everything you bought I buy too," one said.

"I love this for certain products or trying something new," another noted

A third said: "Those cleaning brushes are a game changer!!!"

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