I'm a cleaning whizz and swear by a 65p hack to get rid of condensation in an instant – it works every time | The Sun

WITH the cold and wet weather here to stay, chances are you may start struggling with issues of condensation in your home.

But there's no need to fork out a small fortune on a dehumidifier, as it turns out there's a super simple way you can banish condensation for cheap.

And the good news is – you've likely already got it in your kitchen cupboards.

Cleaning whizz Nazia took to TikTok (@naziaxhome) and posted a video showing her dehumidifying hack – and it really couldn't be simpler…as she just uses bicarbonate of soda for the job.

The popular baking product can be bought for as little as 65p from Tesco and is a secret weapon when it comes to getting rid of condensation.

In the clip, which has gone viral and garnered a whopping 236k views, she can be seen filling up a bowl with the bargain buy, before placing it on the window sill by the wet windows.



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"It hardens when it absorbs the moisture," she explains.

Nazia captioned the post: "Easy and inexpensive way to decrease moisture in winter."

And it's not the first time people have been rushing online in recent weeks to share their top tips and tricks for banishing condensation.

Fabulous previously shared easy and free hacks get rid of condensation on windows instantly without using a dehumidifier.

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In the 330k-strong Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, home buffs rushed to offer advice to a member struggling with excessive moisture in their house. 

Writing in the group, one person complained: “Getting condensation in conservatory and house windows. Black mould is starting to appear at places…” 

The post quickly racked up several of comments from helpful group members offering their tips for banishing condensation for good.

According to some of the cleaning gurus, the answer is as simple as placing a dish of salt on window sills. 

“Bowls of salt near windows really does help,” one advised.

It’s because salt has absorption properties, which means it can bind to moisture and soak it up, stopping it from depositing on your cold windows. 

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