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NO MATTER how often you clean your home if you're missing these spots it's probably not as spotless as you might think.

Cleaning whizz Lindsay Turford, from Worcestershire, revealed where some of this sneaky places are on her Instagram account @dazlincleaning.

First up, the kitchen is one of the messiest places in most houses, but it turns out dusts, crumbs and even the odd creepy crawly might be lurking behind your kitchen plinths.

Plinths cover the space between the bottom of your cupboards and the floor so a lot of the time they're easy to pull out to clean behind them.

Lindsay showed how much dirt had built up behind the ones in her kitchen – which she hoovered up using the long nozzle on her hoover before giving everything a good wipe down.

"Shocked to see the amount of cobwebs lurking underneath, shudder, but a job I'm glad I've done," she captioned the video.


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Not everyone was ready to see what could be hiding behind theirs though, one viewer joked: "I'm scared to check behind mine in case a little something crawls out!"

Another spot in your kitchen that's easy to miss is the edges on built-in hobs.

Cleaning the surface of the hob will make the entire thing look clean, but there could still be gunk and grime sandwiched in the edges.

Lindsay used a cocktail stick to remove the jammed-in dirt and was amazed by just how much managed to squish into the tiny gap.

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"Cocktail stick are great for those narrow crevices that a cloth doesn't quite get to, like the edge of a hob," she explained.

Viewers couldn't believe they'd been forgetting to clean the hidden spot too.

One person commented: "I did this the other day! Was pretty disgusting, but oddly satisfying at the same time."

And a second agreed: "Definitely an area I forget about, best get on it."

You might also be forgetting to clean the door bars which hold your carpet down and separate different types of carpet and flooring.

Sure, you probably run the hoover over them once in a while, but they might need a bit more attention.

Lindsay used soapy water and a cloth to clean the ones in her house and was stunned by how much dirt came off them.

She said: "I think in the two years I've lived here I've wiped them once, the second time this morning, and the colour of the cloth I think speaks for itself."

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"Omg I have never cleaned them in my life," one user commented.

And another wrote: "Absolutely has never even crossed my mind" Added to my to do list."

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