I’m a farmer’s daughter – I use the fields as my personal gym, people are seriously impressed | The Sun

A FARMER'S daughter is moving more than just hay bails through the fields – her body too.

Country girl Taylor works hard to keep her body in shape by using the land as her gym.

Taylor posted a TikTok on her account (@taybreesey) that left viewers impressed.

The toned blonde highlighted her multi-use of her father's fields.

She wore a cropped America T-shirt, unbuttoned low-waisted shorts, a checkered bikini bottom, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat.

Her abdominal area was on full display.

Taylor held on to her hat as she hopped up on a bail of hay.

Balancing on one foot, Taylor lowered her body down.

The hardworking country lover did a one-legged squat on top of the hay.

"You should see where else I use this skill," she proclaimed.

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"Can you guess?"

The resourceful daughter noted that her "farm gym" benefits her career.

Awed viewers left comments for Taylor.

"Absolutely gorgeous," a kind fan said.

Another individual wrote: "Damn girl."

A simple "wow" was written by a blown-away follower.

"That’s damn impressive," one man admitted.

However, a hater made it known they weren't as fascinated.

"I'm not impressed," the man wrote.

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