I’m a fashion pro – my subtle color swaps will make you look younger | The Sun

EVER wonder if you're making yourself look older than you are?

One TikTok style expert says that the colors you wear can add years to your age.

Zizi Donna characterizes herself as a "style enthusiast."

The 36-year-old fashion fan knows how to alter any outfit or wardrobe to give it a youthful glow.

In her TikTok video, Zizi demonstrates how simple color changes can instantly make you look years younger.

You can still dress appropriately and make these shade adjustments.


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Zizi captioned the video: "Your face deserves "younger" colors, just choose your tone."

She encourages viewers to shift away from pigmented purples and move to lilac.

The lilac compliments your facial features through a warm-tone approach.

Next, Zizi says to step away from green and start wearing more mint.

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This soft color naturally highlights her skin without washing her out.

Zizi suggests making the switch from navy blue to baby blue.

Continuing to make warm-tone switches, beige is the way to go, not brown.

Finally, Zizi says: "Choose white near the face rather than gray or black."

One viewer summed up Zizi's recommendations and wrote: "Long story short: light colours make you look younger."

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Some viewers pointed out that confidence and comfortability are just as important.

"Orrrrrr wear whatever you feel good in," one woman wrote.

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