I’m a female farmer – it’s a male-dominated industry, I work twice as hard & look hot doing it just to prove a point | The Sun

A YOUNG farmer has spoken out about the efforts she and other female agricultural workers have to make to be taken seriously.

But this doesn't mean they have to make any concessions in how they look in their workplace.

Kirsten (@lkirstenb) and her fellow new generation of female farmers want to get stuck into the nitty-gritty of the industry but retain their femininity at the same time.

The days when a woman was consigned to the kitchen on a farm are long gone.

Twenty-first-century female farmers want to be involved in every aspect of their industry.

English sheep farmer Kirsten is part of this new breed.

In a recent post, Kirsten sums up her thoughts and feelings from the confines of her tractor cab in a captioned video.

“Females in a male-dominated industry are going to work twice as hard," she said, "and look hot doing it just to prove a point.”

Wearing a standard farmer uniform of dungarees, and a warm sweater, she also added a sprinkle of glamour with the addition of false eyelashes.

She has a similar look across her platform, proving her point: women farmers work hard and can look hot at the same time.

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One comment to her post shared his observations of female farmers from his part of the world.

“D*mn right you can. I am a delivery driver in Devon and Cornwall and can say from my heart that there are more women working on farms now than ever because there are fewer men who can.”

The final comment agreed with Kirsten in a novel way: “Amen," he said.

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