I'm a finance expert & bride – I saved hundreds of dollars on my wedding cake by shopping at Walmart & it's stress free | The Sun

A FINANCE professional has shared a budgeting secret for brides to save hundreds of dollars and stress with a wedding cake from Walmart.

As a means to not break the bank, one financial expert shares a Walmart wedding cake money saving hack that prospective brides everywhere are sure to love.

The Wall Street professional behind the TikTok account thefinancebrides reveals in a 37-second video on the platform a secret wedding cake hack that not many people are aware of.

The TikTok account discusses wedding trends, debunks wedding myths, shares prices and finds affordable ways to still have a stellar wedding without going broke in the planning process.

The face of the account is young woman named Courtney who loves to discuss all aspects of weddings from being a bridesmaid to planning your own wedding to helpful information for your future nuptials.

She makes a point to mention in many videos on the platform that she aims to use the account to spread helpful information like where to find affordable wedding cakes that are both cheap and elegant.

"Did anyone know Walmart sells wedding cakes?" the matrimony lover says at the start of the video.

The fact that Walmart sells wedding cakes is a redeemable quality to the TikTok user and praises the store chain as she says " is there anything Walmart doesn't do? Someone let me know."

She proceeds to use the green screen filter on the platform to showcase the multiple wonderful Walmart cakes made for numerous brides.

The first cake shown is a three-tiered classic white cake with white frosting perfect for any wedding event.

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The decorations only expand and grow from there as Courtney continues to show the many styles and options available for wedding cakes at Walmart.

The next cake shown is still a three-tier white cake with white rose details on the first and third tier, but it is also rather unique and personalized.

It has a large silver R initial on top of the cake, a turquoise band around the bottom of the second tier and a bright yellow fondant bow front and center.

The next cake shown takes the white cake up a notch with a mold of the bride and groom on top, gold details on the white two-tier cake and white, red, orange and gold flowers in the center.

If someone didn't tell you, would you believe this was a Walmart cake?

Courtney herself exclaims, "It's stunning!" when describing the tasty dessert.

The best part about these cakes? They start at $68 which is a fraction of the price prospective brides would get at a bakery or regular cake shop.

Walmart cake makers know not all brides are the same so the store has so many accents, tiers and styles to choose from that are well within the matrimonial budget.

"I would also like to add that Walmart’s cake is way better than the expensive bakery cakes I tried that were hundreds of dollars," a viewer added in support.

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