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THE UK’s first hosepipe ban of the year is now in effect from today following a record-breaking heatwave and dry spell.

People in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will be affected by the Temporary Use Ban. 

In Kent and Sussex about one million South East Water customers will face measures from 12 August.

Those affected will be banned from using hose pipes to clean their cars or water their garden.

So if this affects you, or you are concerned that it could affect you in months to come, we’ve got something for you. 

If you are an avid gardener and don’t want your plants to be neglected by the ban, don’t panic – there are other ways you can water them without using a hose. 

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Nat White, Head of Brand Communications from Rated People, shared her top tips on making sure plants and flowers are still well cared for throughout the summer.

With most of England having now moved into a state of “prolonged dry weather”, caring for the garden can be worrying.

But Nat White said: “This summer has been a particularly hot one in the UK, and we’ve seen extended periods of hot weather and little rainfall.

“It’s no surprise that we’re being asked to decrease our water usage and steer clear of using hose pipes in gardens.

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“Although this may be daunting to those who take pride in their gardens, we’ve put together our top tips to make sure your garden and plants are still well cared for.”

In periods of summer drought, grass and plants can turn brown or even die.

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But thanks to Nat, she has shared her top tips on how gardeners can continue to look after their garden without needing to use a hosepipe. 

The expert said: “Use a watering can to water plants.

“You can control the flow of water more easily than you can with a hosepipe.

“It’s still legal during a hosepipe ban.”

Nat also recommended watering plants when the outside temperature is at its coolest – which tends to be in the early morning or evening.

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She explained: “Less water will evaporate, meaning less water will be water.

“Also use greywater. Greywater is household wastewater like water from your shower, sink or leftover boiling water. Collect this to use in your garden.”

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Not only this, but Nat also shared her unique hack that involves using leftover vegetable water to water plants.

She continued: “Water that you’ve used to boil vegetables can contain minerals so it can be great for your plants – just remember to let it cool down first to avoid damaging them.”

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