GARDENING gurus have advised fellow enthusiasts when to cut the grass to achieve the perfect lawn.

Cutting the grass seems pretty straightforward – but chances are, you're probably doing it wrong, and there are five times to never do it, according to experts.

Months of rain and cold will have left many lawns overgrown and needing some love and care.

Whilst the summery weekend and the potential heatwave just weeks away for many seems like the ideal opportunity to cut grass, there are fives occasions gardeners should never give their lawn a trim, The Express reported.

When the lawn is wet

According to professionals, wet grass sets up lawn mowing for failure – and not only will it leave the garden choppy-looking and uneven but it could also potentially damage the mower.

When wet, individual grass blades will clump together and stick inside the mower's internal mechanisms, which will, in turn, leave a deposit on the lawn.

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But most importantly, wet grass also comes with a health risk, as any damaged wiring lying on the lawn could project a current which could severely injure or kill people.

During a drought

As Brits prepare for a sizzling hot Spanish summer, avid gardeners might be tempted to spend the days outdoors perfecting their green space.

But when the temperatures have soared, it's best to leave lawn mowing for another time.

During a drought, a dry lawn is already unhealthy, and shearing dehydrated blades will only damage the grass even more.

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During high noon

For many, the noon is the perfect time to go outdoors and do any gardening work before they leave for a date or a boozy night-out in the evening.

But here, it is important to be reminded that the sun is at its hottest when it hangs highest around 12pm, so people should wait until the late afternoon or evening where possible.

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This is more to do with your personal health and safety.

The lawn is diseased

Like any other organic entity, grass will occasionally contract a disease, making it a no-go zone for mowers.

This is because running a lawnmower over a patch of fungi or discoloured section will inevitably transmit the disease to other parts of the garden.

Before you give the grass a trim, you should prioritise extracting any identified infections from the green space.

After fertilising

Although summer is now in full force and we get to enjoy the sunshine for another few months, some gardeners may want to consider preparing their outdoor area for the cold months ahead.

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To help support gardens until spring returns the following year, experts typically advise fertilising lawns before the autumn months.

However, once you've fed the soil and the garden with fertiliser, don't rush to start mowing, as this will ultimately disrupt its positive impact, leading to an overall more unhealthy lawn.

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