I’m a gypsy girl – people make assumptions about us & it’s really hard living our life, there’s so many strict rules too | The Sun

A GYPSY GIRL has revealed how difficult it can be living in the community.

Chantelle Devonshire regularly shares snippets of what life is like for a gypsy girl over on her TikTok account, chantelle19xoxo.

In one such video, Chantelle replied to a question asking 'Is it hard life being a gypsy?'

The young woman agreed it can be hard for a multitude of reasons.

She explained: "A lot of things have changed, we have very very strict rules, especially on the girls."

But Chantelle explained that the worst part was the hate the gypsies receive from people outside of the community.


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"A lot of people don't understand the amount of hate that we get," she explained.

Sadly, Chantelle revealed that gypsies often get kicked out of restaurants, cinemas and other sorts of establishments.

She continued: "People need to realise that calling people p***ys is racist."

Chantelle added that it really hurts her feelings – leading many to be scared to tell people they are a gypsy.

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"As soon as you say you're a gypsy people are like "Oh you're going to steal, you're going to hurt animals," she said.

"No, there's good and bad in everyone."

She added that it was especially hard being a female traveller.

Chantelle explained: "Boys can do basically what they want but girls have to stay home, cook, clean, babysit, they can't go out all the time."

The video has since gone viral with over 94k views and over 18,000 likes.

People quickly took to the comments section to praise Chantelle for speaking up on the matter, and many shared their own experiences.

One wrote: "I’m a Romani gypsy and have experience a lot of hate from people and get pre judge all the time by people."

Another person commented: "Couldn’t of said it any better babes."

"You get good and bad in everyone I don’t know why businesses kick you out," penned a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "The stereotypes are horrible."

"People are just so quick to judge," claimed a fifth.

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