I'm a gypsy wife & swear by 8 unusual cheap buys to keep my trailer looking & smelling fresh & I’ve found a Comfort dupe | The Sun

A GYPSY wife has revealed that she swears by eight unusual bargain buy cleaning products that she uses to get her trailer looking and smelling amazing. 

Chantelle Devonshire (@chantelle19xoxo) is a traveller who lives in Bedford.

Yesterday, she took to TikTok to share her cleaning tips and tricks, as she revealed the unique products that she loves using.

Not only this, but she also revealed that she has found the ultimate Comfort dupe too.

Sharing her cleaning routine, she said: “Come clean with me using Spanish cleaning stuff.

“So this lovely woman came down today, she goes around all the sites, she delivers.

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“This is my bundle I got from her.

“I'm gonna start by doing the kitchen bit here, you ask what cloth I use – Costco cloths, which this lady gave me.

“I use this cloth quite a lot, it is the best thing for windows.

“I always boil the kettle, because I always think it smells nicer when you're washing up.”

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Chantelle then used one of her Spanish cleaning products, as she added: “I'm also putting that in there as well, this smells so good.

“So I'm gonna put some of this in, bit too much, you only need a little bit and I put a load in.

“This smells like perfume, it smells unreal. If you're looking for anything for your kitchen or your bathroom, definitely use this, this smells lovely.”

Chantelle then used her glass spray to get to work in her kitchen.

She continued: “So I use this on anything else with glass on it because it makes it shine better.

“I wash this [kettle] over as well with that glass stuff because it shines better, same with my frames I use the glass cleaner on these.”

Chantelle then held up one of her Spanish cleaning sprays, as she noted that she had found a Comfort dupe.

She added: “Now for my bedding, or when I'm changing my bed, I always spray this, this smells like Comfort.”

After washing her windows, Chantelle then used a multi-purpose spray to spray her sofa, which was covered in a plastic wrapping.

She explained: “Gonna use this now, a multi purpose thing, I'm gonna do my bunks with it.

“That looks a lot better.”

She then knelt on the floor and cleaned her wooden floors.

She said: “I've just topped this [bucket] up with some more water, now I'm gonna do my floors.

“I spray this on my carpet as well. Carpets all done.

“Now I gotta go in the shed and clean up in there.

“Cleaning never stops. Especially for a Gypsy woman.” 

Chantelle posted her clip just 16 hours ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 115k views. 

It has 14.5k likes, 119 comments and 12 shares.

Social media users were left open-mouthed at Chantelle’s clip and were eager to compliment her stunning home in the comments. 

One person said: “Your trailer is stunning.” 

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Another added: “I buy all these.” 

A third commented: “Love these videos! We need more.”

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