I'm a hairdresser to stars like Britney Spears & Julia Roberts – I charge up to £2k, see celebs naked & doing the dirty | The Sun

IF you’ve ever wondered what your celebrity icons are like behind closed doors, you’re about to find out. 

Through blistering heat and freezing temperatures, driving rain and howling wind, the rich and famous always seem to look fabulous – and it’s all thanks to their talented stylists.

Celebrity hairdresser and tan artist Robby is here to give us a sneak peek into the very real side of working for our stars. And he’s got a few secrets up his sleeve.

“I’ve done it all from princesses to prostitutes, from criminals to clergy,” he reveals. “We’re talking Britney Spears, Lana Del Rey, Jennifer Coolidge and that’s just to name a few.”

Robby, who also runs his own mobile spray tanning company, appears in a star-studded new show called Blowing LA.

And if you love Selling Sunset – this is most definitely for you. 


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Tune in to follow rival salons – with clients like Gwyneth Paltrow, Pamela Anderson and Angelina Jolie – as they charge up to £2,000 to snip the hair of the super rich. 

Robby says loyalty and discretion is a big part of having a phone book full of celebrity clients.

“Beverly Hills is a very small town, those who style the locks of the elite are true and few and we really have to keep our cards close to our chest,” he admits. 

But that doesn’t mean Robby’s tongue doesn’t slip now and then.

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As you might expect, he has to deal with some very diva-ish behaviour and will travel with his kit to get the job done. 

“Here we are in Los Angeles, everything is at your fingertips but these celebrities refuse to leave their homes,” he exclaims. “We have to bring it all to them, from masseuses to tarot card readers to reiki healers. 

“It’s really wild and you have to be fully equipped and ready to go at all times,” he adds. “I remember one client, she got told that Enrique Inglesias was checking into the Four Seasons Resort in Maui and I got the phone call saying ‘pack your bags, we are off to Hawaii’

“I had to style her every day so she could lay out by the pool with her boobs out just to see if Enrique would come over and say hi.”

It was unbelievable, he says, but all good times. 

And that’s just one of many crazy situations he’s found himself in over the years. 

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Robby is lucky enough to have stepped inside numerous celebrity homes, and he says they’re jaw dropping. 

“I absolutely love being a fly on the wall,” he confesses. “When being a bathroom beautician, you may walk in on people doing the dirty, which I have, and a flirty husband every now and then is exciting for me.”

One of Robby’s biggest issues is celebrities who ignore his tan warnings and get into bed with their partners against advice. 

“People are nasty – I said you can’t get wet for three hours and they took that as ‘let’s get wet right now’,” he recalls. “It’s not good but I think when you see your lover tanned, it’s hard to keep your hands off them.

“You can always spot what’s happened when someone’s palms are brown from the tan!”

While most of us would melt at the sight of our idols, Robby remains professional – even when they’re completely naked. 

“I think that’s one of my superpowers to make people feel comfortable even when they’re naked,” he says. “Standing there bare naked, you really reveal your deepest and darkest secrets and that is why I don't tan in town!”

With countless celebrity clients, it’s hard for Robby to pick a favourite, but one Hollywood icon has a special place in his heart. 

“What you see is what you get with Jennifer Coolidge from the voice to the lips, to the hair, everything. It’s just so much fun working with her,” he gushes. 

“I remember she came into the salon once when we had a big outage. Our salon had generators so we were the only ones with power at the time. 

“We did some tonging and I was there curling her hair then pressing on her toenails.”

Robby can do it all and why not, he says.

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“Why be a hairdresser when you could do it all? I like to say, why be a nine when you could be a 10?”

Blowing LA is available to watch on Paramount + from Wednesday December 7.

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