I'm a hot country girl weighing 108lb – men are obsessed with us female farmers, and I think I know why | The Sun

OVER the last few months, self-proclaimed "country girls" have been an unexpected hit on the internet.

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, content creator Cayla Bri shared why she thinks the social trend quickly grew in popularity and became an obsession for many men.

Cayla Bri (@southerncayla) is a 25-year-old content creator that lives in Houston, Texas.

When asked if she describes herself as a hot country girl, she said: "Yes. Definitely."

She considers herself a country girl due to her taste in music, her sense of style, and the way she grew up and was taught to live her life.

The brunette, who weighs 108lbs and is 5'3, grew up in a small town near a farm in the Midwest, so she'll "always be a country girl at heart."

“I care about my family, animals, the environment, and I love being outdoors,” she added.

To her, any woman can choose to be a hot girl or, specifically, a hot country girl because it's "all about being confident."

The beauty described herself as an outgoing and kind woman, who takes pride in her work, although it might not be the most conventional.

She took her confidence online and created her first TikTok account in 2021.

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At the time, she went to school online and worked part-time at a tanning salon.

She started her most popular TikTok account @southerncayla in October 2022, but it really picked up in January.

Her intentions with her account now are to show more of Texas, her country lifestyle, and many of her passions.

"I try to incorporate things I like, like Skims, because I really like fashion," she added.

“I think I came in at the right time. I used to make all types of different videos, and now I think I’m going to show off more of my life," she declared.

One of her most popular videos reached 3.5 million views.

Cayla said that she thinks it has something to do with the appeal of the "girl next door" since they are their "own little niche."

“A lot of girls online are hot girls that are unattainable, so they [country girls] seem more relatable to people,” she explained.

Cayla said some wrong assumptions about country girls are that they aren’t educated and only like to cook, clean, and have fun.

The content creator argued that she goes against the grain by having a Bachelor’s degree.

Since she began sharing her videos, she said that the attention from her mostly male viewers has been good.

Country girls, female farmers, and outdoorsy women are really popular on TikTok at the moment.

The young woman has also gained tons of followers on all of her social networks.

"Occasionally women will comment about my outfits and are usually pretty nice," she shared.

Her viral videos have brought in their fair share of trolling as well.

She mentioned that "it's a lot to take in comments every day."

“Overall, comments are usually about appearance. Sometimes they say 'nice body' or 'too skinny'."

She tries not to let it get to her, but the fashion lover explained that "sometimes it's things you didn't even think about."

When asked about the benefits of dating a country girl, Cayla said that it really depends on the individual person.

“I don’t think all country girls are the same. We are very much kind, about family, loyal to the people we love,” she added.

When it comes to Cayla's relationship status, it might surprise you.

She is happily married to a Midwestern man from a lake town that respects her career.

“He’s really supportive of it. At the end of the day, this is my job,” she explained.

Her main Tiktok account has over 195,000 followers, and she has a few others with followers of over 100,000 and 50,000.

"Creators often get banned so most of us have multiple Instagram accounts," she explained.

When it comes to planning her social media content, the young woman said she doesn't have a plan.

"I like to see trends going on currently and like to put my own personal spin on it,” she added. “I take a regular trend and tweak it for what my followers like.”

Cayla initially came to TikTok to promote her OnlyFans page.

Like many, the content creator stumbled across OnlyFans at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, during her senior year of college.

“I do TikTok but my main form of income is my OnlyFans page. I use TikTok as a leeway into OnlyFans as well as reels on Instagram," she said.

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"I decided to make an OnlyFans and made more money than I thought. I realized I could actually make this my career,” she said.

When asked about her best advice to be successful on TikTok, she said that the most important thing is to "make something your own" and "make it something you enjoy."

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