I’m a hot mom in my 40s – I get the most backhanded compliments about my body but I don’t care | The Sun

AN ATTRACTIVE mother has clapped back at online haters who give her the most backhanded compliments concerning her body.

She shared several videos that let them know that she doesn't care about what they think of her.

TikTok user Sommer Nicole shares videos of herself enjoying her life as a mother, as well as dating and relationships.

Much of her content contains body-positive messages that reinforce how she feels about herself and her curvy body shape.

She also takes the opportunity to clap back at her critics, as she simultaneously shows off her self-confidence.

In one video, in particular, she addresses a backhanded compliment she received from a person who weighed less than she did.


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There is a subtitle on the video that reads: "When skinny people say, 'I love your confidence'," which visibly annoys the content creator.

"Do you really love my confidence or are you just surprised that I'm fat and don't hate myself?" she says in response.

Nicole then takes that opportunity to step back from the camera and show her full length frame in fitness attire as she exhibits her profile and angles.

The clap backs don't stop there as she also makes her point clear in the video caption that reads: "Such an underhanded compliment most of the time. It’s ok to love yourself!!"

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People also have things to say about her sassy behavior, which she makes clear that she pays no mind to in another TikTok video.

In the video, a subtitle across the screen reads: "You're too sassy. People don't like that," and she responds to the statement in the caption with a simple "I don't care!"

Online trolls have made jabs at her weight, her attitude, and also at her looks, which she also discusses in a quick TikTok video.

Apparently, Nicole has been referenced as "the world's okayest mom," which she owns completely as she shows off her voluptuous bottom and curves in the video.

Numerous people have offered their praise for the digital creator's self-love-based and comedic messages.

"I don’t know what the hell they are talking about. Sassy women are the only ones I like," one user shared online.

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"That is much better than ok. Very much paradise for me," another commented.

"Your not fat at all. Your absolutely stunning," another added.

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