I’m a mum and didn’t let my babies wear nappies – we just taught him to sign when he needed the loo | The Sun

A MUM has shared how her house was a nappy free zone when it came to her children.

Instead, she banned her little ones from wearing them and looked out for the signs when they needed to go to the toilet.

Mayim Bialik – an American actress known for her roles in The Big Bang Theory and as the host of game show Jeopardy! – appeared on The Howard Stern show.

During the interview, the presenter asked Mayim, 45, about her two little boys and one of the unique ways she chose to bring them up.

He said: “[So] parenting – the kids do not wear diapers?”

Mayim, who is a neuroscientist, answered: “So my kids did not wear diapers.”

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She went on to explain: “That’s called elimination communication but it’s actually separate from attachment parenting.”

Explaining the motivation behind her decision, she continued: “Basically babies are born giving signals when they pee and poop, I promise.

“And if you learn those signals and reinforce them, they will give them stronger and clearer.”

But how did she do it? 

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Mayim then showed a simple gesture – moving a clenched fist from side to side.

She explained: “We taught our kids to sign – this is the sign language sign for potty.

“By the time they were 12 months old, they were signing for potty.

“They couldn’t walk, talk or eat solids – they only breastfed – but they could sign for the potty before they could even walk or talk.”

Howard seemed very interested in the idea and grilled her more.

He quizzed: “Is it the same theory with the dog – like dogs you can teach them to go to the bathroom outside.”

Mayim answered that it was actually more about teaching yourself than your child.

She explained: “You’re more training yourself to learn the cues that the baby will give.

“And if you don’t reinforce them, a baby will stop giving those cues.”

She was also quick to point out that the technique wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste but that she wouldn’t have done it any other way.

She said: “It’s not for everyone, believe me, but yeah, especially with boys, it’s easy.”

Previously opening up about her experience and how she follows holistic parenting, Mayim recalled how practice made perfect.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, she explained: “Our little guy comes up to us and either tugs on our shirt or pants leg. 

“At one point, he’d sit down and flap his wings like a small bird. That was his sign and if you keep reinforcing it, kids will keep giving it. 

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“We read Diaper Free by Ingrid Bauer, sort of a crunchy classic, that gives you all kinds of tips on how to pick up the signs. 

“My (ex) husband thought I was crazy for wanting to try it, but now he’s a believer because he’s seen the proof in our kids.”

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