I’m a pro cleaner – five features I would never have in my home, the drain becomes smelly and there's a 'grease magnet' | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed the popular features he would never have in his own home after years in the industry.

From smelly drains to a common "grease magnet," he explained why he avoids each decor detail.

In the video, an employee of Leaders Cleaning (@leaderscleaning), listed some of the difficult-to-clean features found in most homes.

For his first feature, the TikToker shared the reason why he is not a fan of spiral kitchen taps.

"Looks great and professional however dust and dirt accumulate a lot in between spirals," he told viewers.

For his next tip, he recommended steering clear of placing a mirror directly behind a tap.

He explained that the layout means the mirror "just catches all the splashes."

Next, the cleaning fanatic addressed the issues with long shower drain inserts.

He pointed out: "Looks sleek, however, it collects all the hair and dirt really fast.

"Also, it gives an odor if not cleaned often."

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He also shared the cleaning issue with a stainless steel bench top in the kitchen.

He explained the feature "requires a lot of polishing for a clean look."

According to the expert, the sleek design is "best for commercial kitchens."

Finally, he revealed the common kitchen feature that can make cleaning more difficult.

The professional explained why wiping down an open plan range hood can be a nightmare.

"[It] collects grease and dust at the same time [and it's] hard to reach the top," he explained.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the advice.

"Great tips, thank you. I never thought about the height of the range hood!" wrote one impressed viewer.



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Another follower said: "As a cleaner, I totally agree and I would add gas stove tops to that as well."

"From experience, I agree with an open range hood. The way my kitchen is configured, that was my only option. Dust + grease = a constant headache," commented a third person.

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