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A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed the five things she would never have in her home.

So if you want to make cleaning your home that bit easier, you’ll need to pay attention.

An expert cleaner, from Bright Touch Cleaning, took to social media to share the five things that she finds a nuisance to clean. 

She said: “Five things I will never have after being a professional cleaner, part two.”

First of all, the cleaning whizz shared that she can’t stand mirrored furniture.

She explained: “Every piece of mirrored furniture I’ve seen has either been smashed, covered in scratches or both.

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“They look gorgeous but they’re very fragile and need cleaning regularly.” 

She then shared her thoughts on toilets that are screwed to the floor.

She continued: “Dust and grime collects where the screws are at the bottom and also around the back of the toilet which is a tight area to clean.

“A toilet that is flush to the floor or a floating toilet makes cleaning quicker and easier.”

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After this, the cleaning expert shared her opinion on brushed stainless steel taps, as she added: “They don’t look clean for very long and need a lot of buffing to get the smears to disappear.”

When it comes to sliding shower doors, she wrote: “The nooks and crannies collect hard water stains, soap scum and mould, which are hard to get into to clean.

“It also takes up so much time.”

Not only this, but she also revealed that she wouldn’t have kitchen cupboards that don’t go up to the ceiling, because: “Grease and dust accumulates over time.

“Most people neglect this area because it’s out of sight, out of mind, and not an easy to access area.”

The cleaner then joked: “I’ve added an important bonus one, to finish off. One that I would absolutely avoid.

“Children and pets.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @brighttouchcleaning, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 20,300 views. 

Social media users enjoyed the clip and were thankful for the tips, which many took to the comments to express.

One person said: “Great points, love your videos.”

Another added: “These videos are lifesaver!! Hope to see more if you have any.” 

A third commented: “Bring me back for part three.”

At the same time, social media users revealed the things that they wouldn’t have in their homes.

One user wrote: “Also tile…I hated tile with a passion!”

A second claimed: “Matte cupboards or sideboards were the worst for me.. kept seeing smears.” 

Whilst someone else shared: “Black furniture as well. I learnt the hard way that it looks stunning but the dust! I dust twice a day because it just shows so badly!”

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To this, the cleaning expert replied: “So true! Black furniture is so popular but high maintenance.” 

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