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WHEN your child is screaming and crying it can be difficult to know exactly what they want to soothe their emotions.

Thankfully, one psychologist has revealed the four different types of tantrums to spot so you can deal with it appropriately.

Speaking to Nine Honey, psychologist Donna Cameron revealed that with a little planning you should be able to get through their meltdowns with ease.


The first tantrum to look out for is the 'over-tired' one, if your toddler has skipped a nap or not slept well then all rationality leaves.

This is the kind of tantrum where toddlers start hating the colours of their blueberries or their favourite toy.

The best method to use is the 'planned ignore', where you give no attention to the behaviour.


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The expert added: " "In this state, your child does not have the mind or power to listen to any words – in fact, anything you say or try will most likely frustrate them even more."

Instead, try to calm your child and distract them with music or a toy, then offer a big hug once they have calmed down.


No matter what age you are, we've all experience hangry tantrums.

Unfortunately when it comes to toddlers once they've crossed the hunger threshold they'll often refuse to eat anything.

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Instead of giving them a yoghurt, ask your child what they would prefer to eat so that they can get excited about the prospect of eating.

You can also try letting them feed themselves or trying an hour later if they still refuse.

Won't listen

Sometimes, it doesn't matter what you do, your child just does not want to listen.

But pushing your boundaries and throwing tantrums aren't a form of bad behaviour, it's a way for toddlers to communicate explained the expert.

She added: "They are completely normal and about your child's inability to communicate their frustrations and needs at this young age."

That being said, you should set firm consequences if they don't listen.

"Repeat the task once and explain the outcome if it is not achieved," suggested Donna.

not only will it help with tantrums but it will also help your child to making choices in their world.

Want, want, want

Tantrums where your toddlers want a new toy in the supermarket or their siblings favourite blanket can often be the most aggressive.

But instead of giving in the child expert explained parents should stand their ground – even if that means the tantrum goes on for a while.

She said: "Children are very smart, and they will quickly learn their parent's moods and what they need to do to push them to breaking point to get that 'yes'."

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It may be worth following up with a consequence such as a time-out so they are able to calm down.

Teaching them they can't always get what they want will help them later on in life and future relationships.

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