I’m a savvy mum-of-three and spent £100 on Christmas presents for my 10-year-old – here’s what I got her | The Sun

AMID the cost of living crisis, it's harder than ever to find money to spend on Christmas this year.

So one mum has set strict budgets for each of her three kids, and took to TikTok to reveal just what she's bought for them within that £100 limit.

"Here are four presents that my 10-year-old wanted for Christmas on a budget of £100," Hannah began her video.

"The first thing is these acrylic paint markers.

"She's wanted these for ages and they were around £10 off of Amazon."

The next was a Lego Dots set, with which you can "make photo frames in the shape of ice creams out of Lego".

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"That was £20 during Black Friday," she said.

"And I also got this during Black Friday for £30 – it's a Harry Potter dragon.

"She's going to be so excited – she loves Harry Potter and Lego so spot on."

Hannah continued to reveal that her main present is a £40 electronic keyboard, adding that her daughter will be "so excited" about the gift.

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"And just like her sister she's getting a stocking," she said.

"The total value of that is around £15."

Despite the fact she's set herself a strict budget for this Christmas, it hasn't stopped Hannah getting "the twitch".

"I have been getting the twitch," she admitted.

"I have been wanting to buy more but I'm not going to.

"And I even – because I was really feeling it – I checked in with her today and I was like, 'Is there anything else on your list?'

"No, that is everything. That's everything she wanted."

She will also be getting gifts from family and a "huge" gift from Hannah's boyfriend.

"So I'm trying to just not think about it and I'm only going to regret it next month," she concluded.

"So that's what she's getting."

"My 10 year old will be thrilled with her Christmas presents and I can’t wait to see her face on the day!" Hannah captioned her video on TikTok.

"I don’t get people who say you’re cheap for spending £100," one person commented on the video.

'That’s always been our budget for our kids. They get other money from family too."

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To which Hannah replied: "People can be rude and ignorant- I just think that’s their look out.

"My kids are so happy and they get a lot of time with me so I’m ok with that!"

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