HAVE you ever been self-conscious about your stomach and find yourself searching for ways to disguise it with your wardrobe?

A style guru has come to the rescue and lifted the lid on the five outfits that you should avoid wearing and why they do nothing for you.

TikTok user Petite Dressing, who can be found on the social media site under their profile @petitedressing, shared a video titled: “What not to wear if you have a tummy.”

They then proceeded to tell their 15,000 followers the clothing choices they should steer clear of, beginning with baggy clothing. 

Appearing on the screen in a black baggy trousers and beige jumper combo, Petite Dressing said that contrary to some people’s opinions, baggy clothes don’t hide what you want them to.

Instead, they said that it was never a good look because it “will add a lot of volume to your body.” 

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Second on the fashion sin list is Bodycon Silhouette outfits – with Petite Dressing showing what they meant by wearing a tight-fitted long sleeved top and midi skirt ensemble. 

Turning to the side to show the different angles, they explained that the outfit “highlights every lump and bump of your body.”

The third top tip was to avoid anything too tight as it will just serve to “make your tummy look bigger.”

The same can be said for “clingy fabrics” that gather around your middle and cling to your body, therefore accentuating your stomach.

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Petite Dressing also warned that wearing a skinny belt around your waist or middle will once again “draw attention to your midsection”. 

They said it was important to exercise “caution” when it came to the accessory and bare in mind when putting an outfit together.

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Instead, Petite Clothing offered up the sort of clothes you should be looking out for in a further, follow-up video.

They said that A-line dresses, dresses with ruching, shirt dresses and mid-length dresses all give the illusion of a smaller waist and result in a classy look that can fill you with confidence.

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