WEDDING season is officially here, meaning that for some of us there’s going to be endless trips to the shops to buy wedding guest outfits.

One guest, who’s attending a destination wedding so needed a day and night outfit, shared their experience trying on potential looks at Zara, but it was something of a disaster.

Jolina (JoJo) shared her Zara experience to her TikTok account @iamjojohadid, where it has been viewed over 5.7million times.

JoJo posted the clip as part of her ‘Fat At Zara’ series where she tries on different outfits and trends at Zara, showing her followers how they fit, or don’t fit, on someone mid-to-plus size.

The first potential outfit she tried on was a lime green dress, which was an immediate no and thumbs down, which caused her to pass on the entire colour.

Up next was a pink mini dress, which she described as super cute but decided against purchasing as it caused her to look “a bit lumpy.”


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Next JoJo tried on a patterned co-ord, with long trousers and a crop top, saying “I thought [it] could be a cute daytime outfit, but it only came up to a large and I mean I look like an old grandmother’s couch, so no.”

JoJo did finally have some luck with a pink suit that she ended up purchasing, saying it would be cute with a white bodysuit at a rehearsal dinner.

Next she tried a shirt and jacket combo, which was somewhat too small, with JoJo saying “I was sweating bullets trying to put this on. It was a no, obviously.”

She then had slightly more luck with a pink maxi dress, which she says it what she came to Zara for, adding: “It’s booby, but I kinda freaking love it, it skims the body in all the right places, I’m just going to try it on at home with my shoes and see how it works.”

Less luck was had though with the second pink maxi dress she tried, “what the actual f*** is this?” JoJo asks, “It’s giving 18 kids and counting.”

“Now I never wear blue,” says JoJo, trying on a navy blue maxi, “but this one was skimming the body in all the right places, great for the wedding or another event during the week.”

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Her final potential purchase was a peach-coloured corset-style dress, which JoJo says she loved from the front but just couldn’t get the back to zip up.

She finishes the video saying that she got a few things and “double XL is my best friend.”

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