I'm a tattooist & my client came to me to fix a shocking freckle tat – but not everyone's convinced on the finished look | The Sun

A TATTOOIST has shared how one of her clients came to her in desperate need of help to fix a face tattoo that they hated. 

Daisy Lovesick, who owns a tattoo parlour in Australia, told how a woman asked for her to ‘fix’ what she described as a ‘shocking’ freckle inking – but not everyone was bowled over by the finished look, either. 

Daisy, who can be found on TikTok at @daisylovesick, filmed before and after footage of her female client to show the much-anticipated transformation. 

In the first shot, the young woman was seen looking fresh-faced as she sat in the chair ready for her treatment. 

As the footage played in the background, Daisy could be heard explaining: “I’m going to show you the difference between good freckle tattoos and very, very bad ones.

“This is my client’s skin after five laser tattoo removal sessions because she had freckles done by another artist.

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“And they made her look, wait for it… wait for it – like this.” 

Daisy’s video then cut to an image of the tattoo fan with large, prominent brown freckles all over her cheekbones. 

Speaking about the bold inking, Daisy continued: “That, friends, is an example of very, very bad freckle tattoos.”

But Daisy was clearly excited to work her magic after ensuring that she had a blank canvas to work on.

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After the laser sessions were finished, Daisy put her own stamp on the tattoo.

And, as the footage showed, she’d completely transformed the face tattoo, with smaller, pink freckles spread around her face.

Daisy explained: “Here is my beautiful client, fresh off the needle, from a session of tattooing with me – an artist who specialises in it.

“Yes, her skin is a little bit red at the moment and the freckles are looking darker than they will heal down to.

“But look at the difference – the amount of coverage, the way that the colour actually suits her skin tone and the fact that they look a little bit like freckles.”

However, while many of Daisy’s followers love her tattoos and designs, it seems that they weren’t won over by the face freckle trend.

One took to the comment section and wrote: “I’m sorry but both look wild. 

“I was fully expecting that to be the before – you managed to create a perfect band of freckles.”

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A second said: “Making the same mistake twice is wild.”

As a third added: “I can’t believe people are getting freckles tattooed in the first place.”

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