I’m a teen multi-millionaire – I spent £391k on cars, have four homes & even my dogs have their own bedrooms | The Sun

A TEENAGER who became a multi-millionaire aged just 19 has opened up about her lavish lifestyle and most extravagant purchases to date.

Linsey Donovan grew up in Maryland, America, without much money, however when she moved to Florida aged 18 she made a small fortune modelling on social media – and now she’s worth an eye-watering amount. 

Linsey, now 23, began investing her cash in various homes and now owns a property portfolio most people could only ever dream of. 

In a new interview with Truly, Linsey said: “I currently own four properties and my real estate property is worth over $7 million dollars.” 

However, as well as spending her money wisely, Linsey also told Truly that she likes to treat herself from time to time – and has splashed out a staggering £391k on cars.

Linsey, who was speaking from her $2 million house, continued: “I spend money on real estate, make-up and clothes.

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“The most money I’ve ever spent in one day would be $450,000 and today I’m going to be showing my most extravagant purchases.”

The multi-millionaire then proceeded to give the channel a guided tour of one of her plush properties and all that she’d bought for it.

First up, Linsey said she was a proud owner of a luxury Mercedes S65 V12, which cost $250,000. 

She recalled how when she wanted to buy it aged 19 “everyone thought she was crazy” but she was determined and drove all the way to Miami to get her hands on the keys. 

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But the Mercedes is far from the only car that Linsey owns. She recently bought a $100,000 dollar “dream truck”.

The truck is parked on the drive of the property she bought when she was just 20, which boasts so much land that she has farm animals living on it – including her horse – a spacious pool, and even a bedroom for each of her dogs. 

Linsey explained: “I have the biggest house on the entire lake. 

“I feel like a Princess walking into this beautiful home every day with high ceilings on the lake.

I feel like a Princess walking into this beautiful home every day

“The sunsets here are gorgeous, I love seeing my dogs in the pool and my big, pink huge Barbie bedroom.”

Linsey, who is hoping to upgrade and move to a home double the size of her current one, is also the proud owner of a $20,000 dollar dirt bike, a $30,000 baby grand piano, and a $3000 dress made especially for Kim Kardashian. 

The businesswoman concluded: “It feels really good to be able to buy whatever I want and not have to worry about the price because I grew up really conscious about money and the value of the dollar.

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“I still understand that but just to have more financial freedom is amazing.”

She added: “Advice to my younger self would be to have confidence because the more confidence you have, the more you’ll accomplish.”

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