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AN alcoholic drink may be good for the soul and the face.

One aesthetician shared the benefits of resveratrol on anti-aging – and one alcoholic drink, in particular, has a high concentration of this antioxidant.

Dr. Steven Sorr is TikTok's functional medicine and aesthetician expert.

If you're considering fillers or want to learn about the science behind skin brightening, Dr. Sorr's page has all the information you need.

In a recent video, the aesthetician discusses the scientific relationship behind reversing skin aging and the acting antioxidant resveratrol.

Dr. Sorr begins by explaining how resveratrol is a botanical extract that is commonly known to be an antioxidant in wine.


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While there are many forms, the resveratrol Dr. Sorr is referring to is apolyphenol that is fat-soluble.

"Absorption into the body is really important. If you put something on your skin and it doesn't do anything, and it just sits there, it's really kind of a waste," Dr. Sorr explains.

And it should sink in so it can prevent DNA damage and correct aging straight from the molecules first.

"Resveratrol is a direct stimulator of an enzyme family called the sirtuins," Dr. Sorr says.

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This enzyme family is found in all forms of life as they actively work to repair DNA.

"And resveratrol directly stimulates it," Dr. Sorr elaborates.

"Aging in our skin can be broken down into how this damage happens in our DNA. Resveratrol helps to reverse this."

Dr. Sorr explains how using resveratrol for this is a "healthy and safe tool to use without any hard side effects of medication."

DNA damage from stress, the sun, and pollution is targeted.

Resveratrol is in several skincare products, but you can also find compounds of it to take.

But it's also in wine – and certain reds have higher concentrations of it.

According to News Medical, "The concentration of resveratrol in any given red wine depends on the region it comes from. Dark red and purple grapes have a higher concentration of this polyphenol."

The wine-making process affects the concentration levels the most.

Traditional practices are known to have the highest concentration.

"The skins floating on the top should be pushed down repeatedly when the wine is stirred so that they and the seeds are in increased contact with the wine," News Medical reported.

Malbec, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Laurent, and Petite Sirah are some red wines with higher concentrations of resveratrol.

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Viewers thankes Dr. Sorr for opening their eyes to the benefits of this polyphenol on anti-aging.

"Thanks so much I need this," one viewer wrote.

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