NO matter the occasion, etiquette practices should be applied to both public and private gatherings.

There's one thing you absolutely shouldn't indulge in when in public, according to an etiquette expert – and it's more common than you think.

Instead of drinking water straight out of a bottle, you should reconsider, says etiquette expert Winnie.

Rather, you should pour the water into a glass cup and enjoy.

Winnie demonstrated this in a TikTok video that has amassed thousands of views.

"Don’t drink from the bottle, whether in public or private. It is super unhygienic and extremely tacky!" she wrote in her video caption.

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If you're looking for more etiquette tips, another expert previously shared the habits that every elegant woman has and some things a woman with class should never do.

Noor's first piece of advice was related to the way elegant women treat other people.

She said: "[An elegant woman] is kind to everyone she meets."

Her second tip was about the way elegant women respond in situations.

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"[An elegant woman] says thank you and shows gratitude," she shared.

Her next piece of advice highlighted how much information a woman should choose to divulge to others.

Noor said: "[An elegant woman] does not overshare personal details."

She also spoke about elegant women and their use of cell phones.

"[An elegant woman] puts her phone away around company and on dates," she said.

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