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SUKI Panesar is playing a VERY dangerous game with her husband Nish and Eve Unwin could pay the price.

Meanwhile, the Slaters and Brannings are adapting to huge changes. Here's what you could expect from this week in EastEnders.

1. Nish gets a new target

Eve Unwin (portrayed by Heather Peace) has been head over heels for Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) for several months.

And after initially brushing her off, the Walford businesswoman decided to let her heart speak for her and the pair of women embarked on an affair.

But they have one major adversary – Suki's husband Nish (Navin Chowdhry) previously murdered a man he believed to be his wife's lover.

This makes it almost impossible for the illicit couple to imagine a life together without the treacherous character brutally retaliating.

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However, scenes airing this week on BBC One will push Eve to the end of her rope as she struggles to keep her feelings for Suki quiet.

She makes a huge decision to finally get rid of Nish once and for all.

It all begins when Suki and Eve return from a business trip in Leeds, on which Nish himself sent them, unaware they'd make the most of it to make way for romance.

Later on, Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) tries to get Eve involved in helping throw a surprise birthday party for Nish.

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During these scenes, Vinny drops a devastating bombshell on Eve as he innocently tells her that Nish sent him out so he could be alone with Suki.

Eve is fearful that Nish is coercing Suki, her lover, into sleeping with him.

Unable to cope with Vinny's revelation, Eve gives Suki the cold shoulder but the businesswoman insists that Nish hasn't pushed her to sleep with him – she only does it to throw him off their scent.

But Eve is in love with Suki and makes feelings clear before telling her she can't take this situation any longer.

In later scenes, she goes to see Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) with an offer he can't possibly refuse.

Eve lets him know that she's willing to turn informant and serve up Nish Panesar's head on a plate.

But there's more trouble ahead for her and Suki as Nish calls the Leeds hotel they stayed in during their trip and learns that only one room was booked.

Nish and Eve are unknowingly playing a game against one another but who will come out of it successful and, more importantly, alive?

Could Nish plan his next murder to get rid of Eve?

With a Christmas murder mystery teased months ahead of time, one could think that Suki would retaliate against her own husband to avenge her lover.

Can Eve and her turn the tables on Nish this week before it's too late?

Is Nish aware of what's going on behind his back?

2. Loan shark mysteriously vanishes

Viewers of the London-based drama have speculated that another character could be the mystery Christmas victim.

What if Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) finally got rid of dangerous loan shark Shiv during the festive season?

All bets are off but the bap van owner could be shutting the criminal down months before getting involved in one of the biggest mysteries of the year in soapland.

With an increase in rent at the beginning of the year and a baby on the way, Stacey is mortified she may not be able to provide for her family.

The matriarch is all over the place but promises her pregnant daughter Lily that she'll be by her side ahead of her twenty week scan.

Sadly, Stacey fails to keep her promise and Lily arrives at the hospital alone as she tries to counsel Ricky Branning about his fears about fatherhood.

Later on, Lily piles the pressure on Stacey when she announces she wants to do a gender reveal party.

Stacey fields calls from Shiv, whom she knows she'll soon have to face to pay off her debt.

Shiv brings confrontation to her doorstep in later scenes and Stacey is horrified to find him in the Slater kitchen.

He soon suggests how she can repay her debts but the conversation is cut short when Eve Unwin bursts in and attacks the loan shark.

Thrown out, Shiv has no more time for mercy and he retaliates by telling Stacey she has until the following day to pay her full debts.

Time is ticking for Stacey while Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) throws all her attention into baking the perfect cake for the gender reveal party with Lily.

Stacey panics, trying to figure out how she'll be paying Shiv back and comes to the realisation that only Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) can help her.

She goes to them and asks for their help but will they really get her out of her situation?

The Slaters and the Brannings gather to find out if Lily is having a boy or a girl but Stacey misses out on everything as she slips out to meet Shiv in the Arches.

Could their confrontation lead to somebody getting hurt or even killed?


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3. Ricky runs away

Speaking of Lily Slater, Ricky Branning (Frankie Day) is struggling with his own responsibilities as a teen father-to-be.

To make matters worse, his mother Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) gets ajob offer from her former fiancé Don which will see her move away to Spain.

The lad's relationship with his mother has been very troubled, particularly as she abandoned him in the Square in 2016.

But as Sam is due to leave Walford again and with an early adulthood looming on the horizon, could Ricky be tempted to escape from it all and go abroad with the blonde bombshell?

After a life-changing phone call, Sam explains to Jack Branning that her former fiancé Don, who rocked up Walford several months ago, has offered to make her the manager of a flash new hotel in Spain.

The copper goes mad as he knows this would mean she'll abandon their son Ricky again.

But when Sam confides in Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), she gets encouragement she needs as she tells her she'll be able to make money for Lily and Ricky's baby.

Honey tells her she should go for it as the level of financial support could be helpful for a struggling Ricky.

What will Sam decide to do?

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Could Ricky leave with her?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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