IF you want to be a classy guest, you must follow these five table manners at your next dinner party, according to an event planner.

Bad table manners can leave a bad impression on the hosts of your dinner party.

If you don't want your next invitation to get lost in the mail, follow these few simple steps.

Dag Larsen, who is known on TikTok for his moving saving tips, has more tricks up his sleeve.

In a recent video, Dag shared his five tips for your next dinner party whether you are a guest or a host.

"No hat and no sunglasses on at the table," Dag started off the video with.

The only exception to this rule is if you are on a patio, then you can wear sunglasses.

If you are given a cloth napkin, fold it in half and then place it on your lap, Dag demonstrated in a video.

If there are only paper napkins, then those are left on the table.

You do not place these napkins on your lap.

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While paper napkins are ok to have, hosts are not to use paper towels in place of napkins.

"Don't invite me over and then put this s**t on your table," the TikToker warned.

Dag said paper towels look "very tacky" on a dining room table.

When eating something with a spoon, make sure you are using the spoon properly.

Never scoop the soup and bring it towards your body. You are always supposed to scoop the spoon away from yourself.

Lastly, Dag said no to chew with your mouth full, which is a pretty basic tip that people still miss.

"Swallow and then speak," he advised.

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