I’m an interior designer and these are the worst colours to go in your bathroom – no-one should do white for a start | The Sun

IF you're planning on redecorating your bathroom you might want to think twice about the colours you use. 

Mr Phoenix Grey also known as the Designer Daddy is an interior architect and artist. 

He's got a list of no go's for new colours for your bathroom. 

1. Bright White

Phoenix says: “White is usually your typical go to but I want you to avoid this one”.

He says: “This is because a cool tone can make your space feel very blue and cold. 

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“It also reflects negatively especially in an intimate space and your skin is not going to look its natural skin tone”.

Doing your makeup would therefore be considerably more difficult in bright white light and so would putting together an outfit. 

If you're attached to white you might want to go for a creamier white colour for your bathroom. 

2. Peach

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Phoenix says “As beautiful as the colour is, it looks negatively and extremely uninviting and decreases your overall energy in the space. 

“Also the way that light reflects on any pink or peach tones look terrible on your skin tones when you're looking in the mirror. 

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You’ve got to remember that this is the room where you do the most self care so you want it to be somewhere inviting and comfortable so you can have the best experience.

Peaches or binks with a grey undertone may help to balance the colour if your still into this colour for your bathroom. 

3. Black 

Phoenix says “Don’t get me wrong I love a dark and moody bathroom but black does nothing for your skin tone and the overall look within the space especially if you do it all black.

“Black will absorb light and make it harder to apply make-up even if you have front facing light.”

As Phoenix says you will need to spend a bit more time and money sorting out the lighting in a black bathroom so that you can see when you get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. 

With energy prices high at the moment you probably want to avoid black. 

If you have got darker hair a black bathroom will be more difficult to clean.

Still looking for a darker colour? 

Maybe dry a grey that way you still get the darker look but with losing all the light in your bathroom.

4. Green 

Phoenix says: “Green is the worst out of all of them because it completely changes your skin tone. It looks very uninviting. 

Green counteracts red on the colour spectrum so especially if you have red undertones in your skin it is going to completely change the way your makeup looks”.

Green with yellow undertones might help to balance out some of the clash in a bathroom. 

Of course another thing to bare in mind is you don't have to paint your bathroom all one colour. 

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Layering colours and toning will help to open out your space.

If you're still looking for more ideas Phoenix will be following up with another video on the best colours for your bathroom very soon. 

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