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PRETTY much all of us wish that at least one of the rooms in our home was bigger, be it a cramped kitchen or a diddy sitting room. 

So one canny influencer has stepped in to help, revealing her three top tips to instantly open up any space and make it appear much more roomy. 

Sanda is a lifestyle influencer who shares affordable DIY and home interior tips with her 23k Instagram followers on her account @Sandras.Home.Life. 

And in a recent clip, she delighted fans by revealing her methods to achieve what she calls a “larger room illusion”. 

Her first recommendation are tall plants – something over a metre, that you can pick up for around £15 online or in a garden centre. 

In the caption, Sandra explains it’s been “tall items draw the eyes upwards, which cans make ceilings appear wider”. 

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If you don’t fancy such a humongous plant, you could opt for a moderately sized one placed atop a relatively tall table or cabinet. 

Her second suggestion is “tall and wide curtains”, which draw your eyes outwards to take in the expanse of the room. 

The home whizz niftily demonstrates what she means by showing her own front room with just blinds, before switching to a shot of the window framed by wide-set draped curtains. 

The space instantly looks significantly bigger and much more grand. 

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Her final tip is to create a DIY floor-to-ceiling headboard of gallery wall, which again draws the eye upwards and outwards, giving the appearance that ceilings are higher and walls larger. 

She demonstrates by showing off her own fancy bedroom, complete with a huge black backboard stretching to the ceiling, giving it a luxe look. 

“Are you doing any of these already,” Sandra asked followers in the caption. “If not, will you give it a try?”

The clip racked up dozens of comments from impressed users who vowed to implement the nifty hacks. 

“Love love love hanging curtains high and wide,” one wrote. 

“I completely agree. I do this where possible in my own home,” another added with an applause emoji. 

“Yep, you tell ‘em girl!!!” a third fan gushed. “That’s how it’s done.” 

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