YOUR home is likely swarming with objects that you aren't getting enough use out of.

From the sports supplies from that temporary fitness phase to empty pill bottles, a lot of your clutter can serve a new purpose.

TikTok user Neat Caroline shared six ways you can re-use household items you might otherwise throw out.


For her first hack, Caroline recommended getting further use from a tennis ball by adding it to your dryer to prevent your laundry clumping together.

This DIY dryer ball will work to enhance the drying process of your clothes.


Next, Caroline showed her followers how she uses a candle holder to store her make up brushes.

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This storage hack looks pretty, saves you from purchasing a brush holder and also provides easy access to your brushes.


Speaking of make up, Caroline demonstrated a useful cleaning tip which will have you holding on to that old mascara wand.

Once cleaned, the brush applicator makes the perfect mini scrub for those smaller crevices.

Caroline demonstrated by using her wand to scrub the area around the drain of her sink.

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And if you bulk buy your spices, you can use empty pill bottles for easy storage and use.

If you have a regular prescription which leads to empty pill bottles scattered throughout your house this organizational hack is perfect for you.


Perhaps the most outlandish of suggestions, Caroline recommends using an old pillowcase as a salad spinner.

The TikToker demonstrated how to dry out your freshly rinsed lettuce by swinging the pillowcase around in large circles.


For her final tip, Caroline advised her followers to hold on to shoe boxes to store craft items such as ribbons and stationary.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their own re-use suggestions.

"We use pill bottles for dressings and sauces in lunch bags," wrote one viewer.

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Another person said: "Great ideas. Also, use a candle to store school supplies or stationary on your desk."

"Old tic tac bottles for bobby pins," suggested another user.

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