I’m called Harry Potter and have had the most bizarre life thanks to my name – I even made cash on a Japanese game show | The Sun

HAVING a unique name can certainly come with some annoying downsides, but for one man his moniker has meant his life has been really bizarre.

Harry Potter shares a name with JK Rowling's fictional wizard, but not because his parents were big fans.

In fact, Harry was born just months before The Philosopher's Stone, the first book in the series, was published in 1997.

Despite only being in his twenties, Harry admitted he's already has some "ridiculous" things happen to him all because of his name.

Being asked to appear on a Japanese game show tops the list of weird opportunities for Harry.

"I made about 100 quid of out this, which I thought was great," he joked.



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Another bizarre occurrence happened in an airport when Harry bumped into Gary Oldman, who plays Siris Black in the films.

Showing off the selfie he got with the actor, Harry explained that he spotted Gary on a school trip.

"He didn't quite believe my name at first, but fortunately being in an airport I had a passport to hand," he explained.

Back in 2007, Harry even got to open a bookshop for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and even dressed up as the character for the event.

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Despite not being a celebrity himself, at university a complete stranger even came up to him and quoted one of the famous lines from the book 'You're a wizard Harry', before walking away.

"I never did find out who he was," he said.

Harry isn't the only person with the same name as the wizard though – someone else with the identical name was lucky enough to cash in by selling a first edition of The Philosopher's Stone.

Their dad was prompted to buy the book when it first came out because of the shock of seeing his son's name on the front cover.

The book is said to be worth £30,000, so Harry said he regrets not doing the same thing.

"Relatively speaking I think I could've done a bit better," he said.

Despite the weird interactions, Harry said he's not sick of the franchise just yet and still enjoys the films, adding that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is one of his all-time favourites to this day.

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