Mrs Hinch fan gets house-shamed after showing off her bedroom decor with people saying it certainly looks 'different' | The Sun

A FAN of Mrs Hinch has been brutally savaged after mean trolls insisted her new bedroom aesthetic is certainly unique.

The woman, who took to Facebook to proudly share the decor, had opted for a white gold velvet look in the room, which had been completed with a stunning chandelier on the ceiling.

The final transformation, the post revealed, included lush velvet curtains, crushed velvet bedding, two sparkly sequin cushions, a huge gold vase filled with white feathers, as well as two stunning table lamps with a golden base and a massive TV screen right in front of the bed.

All of these, apart from the TV, of course, were in white gold – perhaps a new take on the grey velvet trend that was all the rage a while ago.

''My beautiful newly decorated bedroom white gold,'' the homeware fanatic added in the caption.

But whilst she may have been all chuffed with the final transformation, the crushed velvet aesthetic left social media users totally divided.

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Some, like her, were totally obsessed with it, but others were not so sure about the makeover, describing it as certainly ''unique''.

''It’s different,'' said one person who wasn't quite sure how they were feeling about the aesthetic.

Someone else wasn't totally in love with the monochrome colour choice.

''Not my cup of tea in colours (I’m very doom and gloom and like dark!) but I love the furnishings and how you’ve placed everything!''

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Another also thought the bedroom would look better if it wasn't all white gold velvet.

''So need and organize you can add a little bit of this colors black amareld green or royal blue otherwise everything looks good for me.''


Luckily, it wasn't all negative, as dozens raced to comments to praise the cleaning fanatic, with one writing: ''Absolutely gorgeous, I'm loving the gold.''

''I have this bedding in a velvet off white/cream it would also look lovely in your bedroom,'' a fellow velvet lover reckoned.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, 33, has long been a favourite amongst cleaning enthusiasts in the UK and around the world.

The savvy mum, parent to Ronnie and Lennie, has won more than 4.7 million followers on Instagram, where she regularly shares snippets of her daily life.

The social media star rose to fame a few years ago with clever home hacks and now her fans have even started dedicated cleaning pages.

In one such page, Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one person recently posted a trick that will make battered trainers look brand new.

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